Planet Ocean
Spectacular gigantic photographs and stunning revelations from the sea. 100 breathtaking pictures, which illustrate marine life from infinitely close to exalt its beauty and fragility. Captivating texts based on data provided by famous and reliable sources, will inform the public about the many discoveries made possible thanks to the oceans.
The first edition of the event took place in the prestigious, international city of The Hague, on Scheveningen Boulevard (June 8th until September 16th 2007): a highly visited venue where nearly 8 million persons had the opportunity, during the whole summer and free of charge, to see Dos Winkel's photographs and learn more about the oceans.
The Scheveningen's edition launched an international tour of the exhibition, that will bring it to Amsterdam (Stopera, September 26th until November 27th 2007), Barcelona, Milano and London in 2008 and 2009, and other European capitals later.
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