Pile of Index Cards
"Pile of index cards, as a cultural genetic code."

The "Pile of Index Cards", or simply "PoIC", is a productivity/creativity system I built for myself. This is an analog recording system which utilizes an index cards and a box. I designed this system simple, easy to use, pleasure, robust, and sustainable.

In this set, I introduce a methodology of the PoIC briefly. This is minimum and essential. And, supplements are given in my remaining sets. The "icPods" and the "FieldNotes" are a subsystem of the PoIC. The "Cardlog" shows some examples of how- and what- I use this system. And the last, the "פסוג" is a collection of findings through my PoIC experience.

Acknowledgements : The PoIC was born and grow in the 2channel and the Flickr. I express my maximum gratitude to everyone who contribute its establishment and improvements. I thank Jazzmasterson who gave me the first inspiration of an index cards system. He is my guru.

Licenses : All of my pictures in this flickr account are free to share under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0. The PoIC, as a software, is free to modify and/or redistribute under the GNU General Public License v3.0.
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