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Potentially so rich, practically extremely poor | by HORIZON
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Potentially so rich, practically extremely poor



I've been told that Morad is collecting huge amount of bread since three decades ago,

I was interested in this case, so in my second visit to him first I bought a can of cold nectar (this is what I'm doing aafter that) and went to where he was sitting-in the shadow of an old tree.

this is our dialogue:


me:salam Morad

Morad:looking at me, seems trying to remember me, and then....salama

me:I've brought you nectar

Morad:nectar? what's that?

me:a blend of banana and apple juice

Morad:first I should taste, if I don't like it, then you may have it.



then he took some of it, he smiled, showed me he liked it very much

Morad:god bless your parents



after he had the nectar

me:morad I've heard you are collecting breads since three decades ago

and continued:I'm going to bring some food and you bring me some bread, we are going to have the meal in you house

Morad:no, I'm too poor to be your host and my house is full of DOLLAKH

(in vilages of khorasan dollakh means very fine dust)

me:no matter, I've heard which your breads are from before revolution and they are more dellicious comparing to those baked these days

Morad:I've not have any meat since many years ago and this is why I've forgotten the taste of it

me:Morad imagine, my meal full of meat together with your bread, how dellicious would be

Morad:no, I can't be your host


today was my fifth visit to him, and I'm going to convince him we two have "his bread my meat party"




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Taken on July 4, 2007