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One of the main cities of Esfahan province, Kashan is very near to Qom, and located in an altitude of 1,600 m above the sea level. It is 260 km to the south of Tehran and can be reached via Qom (105 km) .
Apart from its world-famous carpets, and well known for its silk and the glazed earthenware tile called Kashi after its place of manufacture, Kashan is a beautiful large oasis town on the Qom-Kerman road running along the edge of the Great Desert, Kevir. One of the most important archaeological sites in central Iran, it is on the edge of the town. Kashan is also of interest for its connections with Shah Abbas I - it was a famous town of his, and he beautified it and asked to be buried here in the mausoleum of a 13th century ancestor.
Kashan flourished during the Sassanid dynasty; but, it was demolished during
the Arab invasion with the exception of a few ancient buildings remaining.
Kashan became prosperous again during Seljuq times and is known for its ceramics since then. Kashan once again was destroyed during Mongols invasion but it became an important town in the Safavid periods, and was the capital during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid II. Some Safavid rulers preferred to live in Kashan rather than in the capital, Esfahan. A local historian wrote that Kashan's name is derived from "Key Ashian" which means place of rulers.
Kashan is internationally famous for manufacturing carpets, silk and other textiles.
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