Weather, sky , clouds and light is prolly the most important factors on any photo trip. how do you make sure all these ducks will be in a row when you plan an expansive trip. still a mystery to me. none of the weather forecast websites actually forecast weather for photographers. for example on my recent trip to chicago i waited till the last moment and hoped that weather forecast might be accurate. but the moment i landed at chicago. the weather sucked big time. clouds and rain tricked me the whole time. i thought i will prolly go home with some gray sky photos. but thanks to the kids bicycle i bought cause it would fit nicely at the back seat. boy that bicycle did the trick and i was able to fly all over downtown chicago from sheds aquarium to michigan ave to Navy pier in no time. i must have put more than 100 miles on that bicycle in 3 days. I was practically following the clouds and took advantage of little breaks when clouds and sky actually cooperated.
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