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Image from page 38 of "1933 farm and garden supplies since 1860 : catalog no. 46" (1933) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 38 of "1933 farm and garden supplies since 1860 : catalog no. 46" (1933)

Title: 1933 farm and garden supplies since 1860 : catalog no. 46

Identifier: 1933farmgardensu1933grif

Year: 1933 (1930s)

Authors: Griffith and Turner Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection

Subjects: Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Agricultural implements Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs; Flowers Catalogs

Publisher: Baltimore, Md. : Griffith and Turner Co. , 1933

Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library



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Text Appearing Before Image:

bag- $1.50 bag 2.50 bag 4.00 Prices 100-lb. bag $4.00 50-lb. bag 2.50 25-lb. bag 1.50 10-lb. bag 85 5-lb. pkg 50 12-oz. pkg 10 Prices are f. o. b. Baltimore. Loma, the scientifically- prepared plant food, will give you results that are startling. Lawns velvety green; flower- ing plants sturdy, full- bloomed and tall. Loma is rich in nitrogen. 1-lb. can $0.15 5-lb. can 50 10-lb. bag 85 SOIL-PREP Soil-Prep, a scientific soil conditioner, rich in humus and plant food value. Will fexturize light sandy and heavy clay soils. 5-lb. bag $0.30 50-lb. bag $1.75 10-lb. bag 50 100-lb. bag 3.00 25-lb. bag 1,00 SOFT OBOTJND BOHZ!—The old standby. Made from softer material than the regular ground bone. Contains some meat and blood. Fine for lawns, roses, shrubbery, and flowers. Price, 5 lbs., 25c; 10 lbs., 45c; 25 lbs., $1.00; 50 lbs., $1.50; 100 lb. bagr, $2.75; 167 lb. bag, $4.00. FT7BE BOITZi MEAIi—A good article for lawns, shrubbery, etc. Price, 5 lbs., 30c; 10 lbs., 50c. 25 lbs., $1.25; 50 lbs., $1.75; 100 lbs., $3.00; 167 lb. bag, $4.50. AMMONIATED AZ.KAZ.INX: PZ.AKT FOOD—Our old stand- by for summer crops is used successfully for Peas, Beans, Corn and other summer crops. Bag of 167 lbs., $2.25. AMUONZATBD BUTCHERS BONB BBAND PHOSPHATE —Is made largely from slaughter house material, and used largely on Wheat, Grass, Corn and Tomatoes. Bag of 167 lbs., $2.65. SPECZAZ. POTATO FERTZZ.ZZEB — Made especially for Potatoes, being high in Potash and Phosphoric Acid. Baff of 167 lbs., $2.25. TOMATO GROWER FERTZZ.1ZER — Fine for Tomatoes. Bag of 16*7 lbs., $2.50. SPECZAZ. TRUCK MZKTURE—A high grade complete fer- tilizer, for trucker's use in growing Vegetables. Bag of 167 lbs., $3.00. DRZED BZ.OOD—Fine for greenhouse potted plants, etc. Must be used sparingly and carefully. 5 lbs., 40c; 10 lbs., 75c; 25 lbs., $1.50; 50 lbs., $2.25; 100 lbs., $3.50. ITZTRATE OP SODA—A great stimulant. Used for top dressing lawns. 5 lbs., 30c; 10 lbs., 50c; 25 lbs., $1.00; 50 lbs. $1.75; 100 lbs., $3.00. SUZ.PHATE OP AMMOKZA—Used for same purpose as above, but slower and stronger. 5 lbs., 30c; 10 lbs., 50c; 25 lbs., $1.00; 50 lbs., $1.75; 100 lbs., $3.00. Ask for price In ton lots. Z.AN'D PILASTER. In bags of 200 lbs. each $2.25. HZGH GRADE ACZD PHOSPHATE. Bags of 167 lbs., $1.75. KANIT AND MURIATE POTASH Prices on Application. PULVERIZED SHEEP MANURE HAS NO RIVAL Remember that Pulverized Sheep Manure is aged for several years and will not burn your plants, no matter in what quan- tities you use it—but as it is highly concentrated, a little goes a long way. Used for top dressing, mulching, etc. Valuable in a run-down city garden, as it adds humus and vegetable matter which are essential for all vegetation. It may also be used at the rate of 40 to 50 pounds to every 1000 square feet in a dry form, or 500 to 1000 pounds per acre. Makes the richest and safest liquid manure, using 1 pound to 5 gallons of water oncQ a week. For Greenhouse Plants mix one part to about 10 parts of soil. Price, 5 lbs., 25c; 10 lbs., 45c; 25 lbs., 85c; 50 lbs., $1.50; 100 lbs., $2.50. Special price in one-half ton, tons and carload. Fertilizer for the Farm, Lawn and Garden All Plant Life Must Have Food Like human beings they require a balanced diet for normal, healthy growth. Vigoro, the complete, scientifically prepared plant food, contains all the nourishment necessary to produce thick, velvety-green lawns; large, richly col- ored flowers; early delicious vegetables; and healthy, full-foliaged trees. Vigoro is clean, odorless, and easy to use. It's economical too. Full direc- tions in every bag. ECW MUCH VIGORO TO USE 30 ft. X 125 ft. needs 75 lbs. 50 ft. X 125 ft. needs 150 lbs. 75 ft. X 150 ft. needs 250 lbs. 100 ft. X 150 ft. needs 350 lbs. 150 ft. X. 150 ft. needs 675 lbs. VIGORO Complete plant food A product of Swift & Company


Text Appearing After Image:

Por Kawns, Gardens, Flowers, Shrubbery and Trees VITA-VIM A non-acid, high-test plant food, made from high-grade materials, carefully selected and processed. Dry and granu- lar. Easy to use. Does not have to be watered immediately after being applied. Produces full and hardy growth. For lawns, flowers, vegetable gardens, shrubs and trees. Ideal for the safe feeding of greenhouse plants. Price, 25 lb. Bags, $1.50; 50 lb. Bags, $2.50; Ba^r of 100 lbs., $4.00. HYPER-HUMUS Fine for Lawns, Shrubbery and Flowers. It conserves moisture, puts organic matter in the soil and cultivates bac- teria. 100 lb. bag, $2.00; 50O lbs., $8.75; 1000 lbs., $15.00. HYDRATED LIME For sweeting soils and improving the mechanical condition of the soil. Is free from injurious qualities. Hydrated Lime is as essential for producing some crops as a direct plant food. It is indispensable for the growth of all Clover, Alfalfa and Lawn Grasses. Hydrated Lime not only produces chemical changes, but also has a mechanical effect on the land. It will make clay soils more friable and open to both air and water and less susceptible to drouth. In light soils its action has a cementing tendency and helps the land to retain moisture. Price, per bag of 50 lbs., 50c. ADCO Artificial Manure is a powder, which when mixed with almost any non-woody vegetable waste, such as straw, leaves, weeds, and kept moist, gradually converts the mass into real manure fully equal to the barn-yard product in fertilizing power, but free from foul odor, weed seeds, flies, etc. Farm- ers, by utilizing corn stalks, straw, weeds, vegetable vines, can produce manure without the aid of livestock. The refuse should be arranged in layers, each layer being thoroughly saturated with water and then sprinkled with Adco in the proportion of 1 pound Adco to 25 pounds refuse, when dry. Nothing further is required beyond keeping the heap moist and wet, except perhaps turning it over once or twice to allow air to have access to the fermenting mass. In three to six months it will be converted into real manure of excellent quality. 25 pounds Adco is enough for 12 large wheelbarrow loads of garden waste, making % ton manure. Price, $2.00. 150 pounds Adco is enough for a bed 10x10 feet deep and 6 feet high, will make about 3 tons manure. Price, $10.50. CLOVERS RECI.EANES RED CZ.OVER—We take great pains to sup- ply an extra quality of Red Clover at a reasonable price. Farmers should not sow a poor quality of Clover Seed. 15c. lb. Al^SZKE OR SWEDZSH CI^OVER — Hardiest of all the Clovers, and on rich, moist soils yields an enormous quantity of hay or pasturage. Z.b., 18c. WHZTE DUTCH CZ;OVER—Thrives most everywhere. The best to sow with lawn grass and valuable to sow with blue grass for permanent pastures. 14 lb., 15c; Yi lb., 25c; 1 lb., 45c. By mail, lb., 50c. 10 lbs., by express, not prepaid, $3.50. IiUCERKE OR AZ.FAI.FA CZ.OVER—One of the most valu- able among Clovers, resisting drought and remaining green when other sorts are dried up. Prepare the land thoroughly and sow, either fall or spring, 20 pounds to the acre. Z.b., 25c. CRZMSON CZ.OVER (The Great Nitrogen Gatherer)—For hay it must be cut before it comes into full bloom, as other- wise it may cause hair-balls to form in the animal's stomach. It is used on poor and rich land. It is seeded in this country in June, July, August, September and October. 15 pounds to the acre. 12c per lb. CRASS MIXTURE FOR HAY AND PERMANENT PASTURES Prepared especially to meet the demands for a mixture that will be desirable for cutting for Hay or to use for Pasture, and contains such grasses as are best adapted for these purposes. In ordering please state whether you want a mixture for upland or low ground. MIXTURE POR UPZ.AND—14 pounds to the bushel, 3 bush- els to tlie acre. Per bushel, $2.00; 10 bushels for $17.50. MIXTURE FOR Z.OWZ.AND—14 pounds to the bushel, 3 bushels to the acre. Per bushel, $2.00; 10 bushels for $17.50. "WRITE FOR SPECZAZ, FRZCES OIT CZ.OVERS.



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