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Goofing off... | by I am R.
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Goofing off...

After watching GB rehearsals, messing with Franney.

Some really good acts this week.

Not sure how late I'll have to stay up on Friday.


I like sending Georgealanches and Mass Georgings and Drive By Georges to my facebook contacts.

Some folks like them.

Others really like them.

This is slowly but surely greasing the rusted wheels that keep me from whoring my stories out in the form of a book.

Eventually I'll get around to selling.

Or, if I croak before then, I'm sure someone will want to exploit them for money.


Right.. Left... can we all agree that at least a lobbyist who was trying to bribe all those Congressmen got shot yesterday?

Apparently not, because some whiner on Facebook clawed into me with the "my god, they're a human being too" argument.

Yeah, so are murderers, rapists, thieves, chemical weapon designers, teachers who molest their students, and so on...

I believe that Life, Liberty, and the Purfuit of Happineff is a union set, and you need to take all three or none at all.

And if you're murdering, raping, thieving, or perverting the republic for financial gain, that's not the purfuit of happiness, nor does it promote liberty... and in the case of most of those, it's often profit from putting lives at risk, not making them better.

So, yeah... those folks can kinda die in a fire.


And, I get a very alarming yet positive comment at work.

Not something I was expecting or really deeply want.

But when I turn it around as "Do you need X?" and "Would it help you if X happened?" it's quite revealing.


- - - - - - - - - - - - -


I've been invited to join several dance troupe performer groups, and I've declined each invitation.

I need to work through my natural gut-reaction aversion to joining groups and regretting the action later (don't get me started on SL10B), so hopefully I'm thinking through this and y'all can check my reasons versus my excuses.

(It's always good to lay things out and ask trusted people to check your blind spots.)

I am not an artist, nor am I a performer. Not do I want to be. I just do what I do.

If you've heard me read the George stories, yeah, I'll but up laughing and clenching my teeth at how cornball and cheesy this stuff is, why the Hell have I done so many?

You're welcome to argue this point, but I prefer to just be me instead of some kind of label.

(I need to remember this when Club Images does group dances at the end.)

If I were some kind of member, I feel that I'd be more of a distraction than a contributor.

It would also create obligations and expectations which I may not be able to meet.

I have a bit of a reputation among SL Media, not that I hear it, since I have most of them blocked... do you really want an arrogant, dismissive, obtuse, hateful troll such as myself associated with your brand?

Personal relationships and friendships are good, isn't that enough? What does one more Boolean value or label really mean?

In the end, it's the trust and love and respect that you have for others that matters, not ticking off some checkbox.

Do I spot things in pre-shows and rehearsals and repeat performances, yes.

But when it comes to critiquing a performance and doing QA work on it, that's more of the director's job, not me as an observer.

The rare times I've said something, I've felt bad about it... unless someone asks and it's okay by the person running the performance, I should keep quiet and just observe.

Even though I am biased towards several groups (look at the gallery and take a wild guess which ones), I have to maintain some semblance of fairness and objectivity.

And, yes, I keep saying that there's one group I will not attend, and there are several performers who have earned blocks and mutes due to behavior from before their performing days, but I can at least fool myself into thinking I'm somewhat objective, or at least fair about my subjectivity and biases.

Also, I think this would send a bad message to everyone snapping photographs of the performance. Even though I'm a bit more... pushy? aggressive? open? about my posting shots, others can do it, too... the more the merrier. But if there's picking and choosing who's some kind of official or member photographer, that sends a disheartening message to the others.

Besides, if you look at Toy's and Sev's and Laura's and Texas Rob's and other shooters, they put time into post-processing their shots to make breathtaking scenes, while I tend to just spray-and-pray with the raw images.


This also explains why I never accept payment or even reimbursement for the cost of uploading images or my Flickr repository.

As long as I have a decent dayjob that more than covers the bills, this is a hobby.

The moment that money changes hands, friendships and trust and relationships get tested.

I'd prefer to enjoy what I do and not feel any pressure over it.

And if you are compelled to compensate for it, donate that amount to some worthwhile charity. Or, if you're in a rush, RFL.


On the other hand, Dance Queens is the actual objective and fair repository of information, resources, and announcements for dance performance. And I think they try to achieve that, and refine their approach to become more useful to the dance communities (meta-community?).


I know that I repeat myself a lot in these rambles, and it sounds like a She doth protest too much kind of thing, but I'm just trying to dig for my root principles and integrity and question my belief-system to test whether it is sound or needs refinement.

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Uploaded on June 15, 2017