a collection of more than 3444 posters in the city of Amsterdam
Almost everyday I take pictures of posters that catch my eye in the city of Amsterdam. Here are most of them. They start from somewhere in 2002 till now.

Some are even more beautiful than the other. And others are just plain ugly. Mostly I try to avoid those. But sometimes they are fascinating in their own way.


Initiated by Jarr Geerligs
Calls him self a Professional Dreamer & Realizer.
He works together with Kim Triesscheijn as NotJustAnotherTeam . Most of the time they make communication for brands at Selmore Creative Agency. Besides that they do a lot of other creative stuff check their site.

This collection is dedicated to my late friend Bastiaan Rijkers (1972 - 2006), the perverse optimist of the lowlands and founder of Lemon Scented Tea. See you on all tomorrow's parties Bas.

And Thanks for the patience of Suzanne, Ilan, Marin and Kim. They are the ones who most have to wait while I take another picture of a poster.

Also check typo/graphic posters, a directory of typographic and graphic posters. a passionate project focused on the design community.
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