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Sunset Beach Time-lapse - shot using iPhone raw

Sunset timelapse at Temescal Beach in Pacific Palisades, California (part of the Los Angeles area). Shot on iPhone 6s using ProCam to take a RAW photo every 3 seconds, then processed the raw frames in Lightroom (desktop) to get control over highlights, shadows, contrast, etc (and removed a couple frames where people walked right in front of the camera). This allows for more dynamic range than shooting using the built in time lapse video mode. Then I used the app Zeitraffer (desktop) to put the frames together into a video at 35 fps. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a “phone” these days? Though it isn’t really a phone anymore, its more like a pocket computer/camera that just happens to make phone calls.


Note: The one I uploaded here was downsized to 1080p for easier uploading and viewing. I actually tried to upload a 4K version but Flickr didn't seem to like it. The original video of course is just made out of a sequence of full frame iPhone photos, but that file is pretty big.

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Taken on August 18, 2017