2008.07.20 - Nicasio Loop/Pt. Reyes
Headed out at 7:30am and hooked up with Chico Gino and Cyclofiend for a jaunt out to Pt. Reyes Station by way of Nicasio. A quick stop at Bovine Bakery for giant scones and coffee, followed by a visit at Black Mtn Cycles, and we were on our way back by way of Olema and SP Taylor Park. Another traditional refueling stop at the Java Hut in Fairfax, then back in Sausalito for a late lunch at Joe's Tacos. Got back home around 5pm with 90 miles on the clock. Weird weather today, overcast all afternoon and it never really warmed up. Also tried out the 30mm trail fork on the Kogswell -- definitely improves the handling with a 10lb front bag, but the bike still shimmys when riding no-hands (now at 18-25mph) and also discovered that the bike speed wobbles at around 40mph. Not too happy about that.
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