2008.09.21 - Box Dog Bikes 100k Rallycat
Me an' about 99 other peeps rode the Box Dog 100k Rallycat over the GGB, up Railroad Grade to West Point Inn and then Mt. Tam's East Peak, over the Seven Sisters, down down down to Alpine Dam, up up and then down more to Fairfax, and then back to Box Dog Bikes in the Mission. Fastest time was somewhere around 3.5 hours. I did it in just about 5 hours flat. Overall the ride went off without a hitch, there was no major drama nor shananigans that I know of. It was organized and run as a mini-brevet, with checkpoints and a time card. Oh, and I won a cool Swrve hat -- thanks Gabe! 63 point something miles total for the day.
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