DIY striplight - gridded softbox
Recently a friend approached me for a set of erotic photos as present for her boyfriend. After discussing the shoot with Sascha I decided I was going to need a slim gridded softbox also knows as striplight. I searched the usual sellers for a cheap solution and actually found a plenty lot of those. They all had one minor flaw - they wouldn't work with my small flash units without becoming quite expensive - in this case at least double to triple the oiginal price of the softbox would be added for a small flash adapter I wasn't even sure would work well with my gear.

As usually when in doubt I went for the DIY solution. Again I found great solutions usually involving gaffa's tape, aluminum foil and cardboard boxes. I wanted my solution a tad more sturdy so I adopted some of the principles and designed my own solution.

So far I'm well below EUR 100:
- 8 x 1 m aluminum bars (5x5mm)
- 4 x bag of fitting connectors
- 3 x 4m black cloth (molton)
- 2 x 2x1m windshield frost-protection (instead of aluminum foil)
- 1 x 30x120cm grid (so cheap I just bought it)
- lots of velcro

I'm not yet done and I still need more stuff:
- white diffusor cloth
- more aluminum bars for the barn-doors
- all of the above for the second strip-light ;)
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