Great horned owl ENP 2/16/15
A few photographs of the great horned owl chicks--and a surprise visit from mom with a snake-taken on 2/16/15 at the Coe visitor center parking lot of Everglades National Park.Unfortunately the owl chicks were poor subjects due to the generally backlit position they were in high in the tree, and the 15-20 kt wind, which kept them swaying most of the time when they did stand up. Mom's visit with the snake was a midday surprise, and the transfer had to be abandoned when one of the ungainly chicks stumbled halfway out of the nest in his/her eagerness to be first to dine on this delicacy. I was able to squeeze off a few shots of mom flying with the snake, but the opportunity presented itself too quickly for me to adjust settings, and my lifting and panning the heavy lens and camera were hugely compromised by my recently surgically repaired left shoulder-which awaits therapy. Nevertheless, you get the idea.
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