365 Days
A Collection of Self Portraits taken over 365 Days.

In November 2007, I quit my full time job, took up part time employment and worked on doing art the other half the time. I did a 365 Days project where I took a self portrait every day for 365Days. I have been selling these portraits for the amount of the day on which they were taken. For example, day one was sold for a dollar and day 365 was sold for 365 dollars. I am only selling ONE print of each day - so each day is an exclusive, one and only print. Like a painting - there will only be one original.

Each photo in this set either points to where you can buy them, or indicates if it is sold.

There are still many photos available, though I continue to make sales, so if you like one, you should buy it, because I'm only ever going to be selling on print each.

--Are you making a book?

Yes! Yes I am! Each book will contain all 365 of my photos, though they will all be smaller than the original prints and will be contained in a photo book. I am currently in the process of editing the layout of this book. I am attempting to keep the price of the book under 40.00, though with 365 photos to feature, that isn't easy. In order to do so, many photos are grouped together on pages, to leave space to feature some photos and to write about the process and the stories of the photos.

--Isn't that just like another print then?

Sort of - except that it's smaller than the prints I'm selling - and it's in a book. So really, not like the prints at all!

Started on November 12th, 2007 and Ended on November 10th, 2008.
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