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esquire magazine e-paper circuit-board | by just_mike
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esquire magazine e-paper circuit-board

esquire magazine e-paper cover October 2008.


xxv has some more info and an oscilloscope image tracing the signal for one of the sections of the display. also see his esquire e-ink web-page.


here's more info from a comment by maushammer about the makezine article Esquire E-Ink cover hacking? - take apart photos and more...:


ISP Pinout:

Pin 1: VDD

Pin 2: GND

Pin 3: VPP

Pin 4: pin 6 (ICSPCLK)

Pin 5: pin 7 (ICSPDAT)


PIC 12F629

Pin 1: VDD [3 volts]

Pin 2: not used

Pin 3: not used

Pin 4: VPP/MCLR and S1

Pin 5: goes to R5/Q3/R6

Pin 6: goes to R3/Q2/R4

Pin 7: goes to R1/Q1/R2

Pin 8: GND


S1 (the unpopulated switch) is connected to pin 4, which is a reset pin... but it can also be programmed as an input. It acts like a reset, though. [pauses while shorted; resets when released. --just mike]


Battery 6 powers the microcontroller only. (3 volts)


Batteries 1-5 generate 14.86 volts - available at C3

... I wonder which power supply will run out -- battery 6, or batteries 1-5.

Q1-3, R1-6 convert 0-3 volts from the CPU to 0-15 volts for the high-voltage drivers (U2 & U3).


U2 & U3: HEF4094BT - 8 stage shift-and-store bus register


Pin 3 is the clock - 30 Hz - it's slow because the Q1-3 voltage translator is slow.

Pin 2 is the data - varies depending which segments need to be lit

Pin 1 is the strobe - 2.7 Hz - allows all the outputs to switch simultaneously.

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Taken on September 5, 2008