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Is this why we made this Pakistan? [ explored ] | by jzakariya
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Is this why we made this Pakistan? [ explored ]

As I was taking photos in and around Data Darbar. This old man asked me to come over.

"Will you print these photos in the newspaper?", he asked. Before I could explain that I wasn't affiliated with any paper, he continued. Tell them how the police brutally beat us up all the time....and he showed me the injuries on his arms and legs.

"Why do they do that?", I asked.

"Because we sit here begging. This is Data Darbar ! where else can I go."

........and he started crying.....

print this in the paper maybe then they'll stop.....

then he thought for a moment....

maybe if you print it they'll get more angry....

another pause....

print it, maybe some higher up will see it and make them stop.


"They hit old crippled men"....."shameless animals"...."Is this why we made this Pakistan"....."Is this Why ???"...........he kept asking as he wept.


I had no answer......I got back into my Civic.....turned on the AC.....and started driving away.


September, 2007.

Nikon D200. Nikkor 18-200mm VR @ 24mm.

Exposure: 1/125s @ f5.6.

ISO: 200.


[Why this Photo: Obviously the subject matter and the story behind it has a lot to do with it for starters. When I took the photo I knew I had to show this to a wider audience, make people think about it. But besides the story the picture itself does say it all ... the kashkol in front of the old man with a few coins in it, the lotta behind the seat ... a wooden box converted into a tricycle / wheelchair / home / bathroom. The pathos on the face. The stark desaturated color treatment was specifically chosen to emphasize the starkness of the scene. The barbed wire behind the old man also ties in with the story. So overall a photo worth looking at and thinking about.]

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Taken on September 23, 2007