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6. Critically evaluate some good examples of body acting | by lauracopley
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6. Critically evaluate some good examples of body acting

One character who displays good body acting is Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson (1990-1995) who has the ability to project the personality and emotions of the character using only actions and a very limited number of sounds, but no words. Atkinson has the ability to make the audience laugh without having to tell a joke which I think is a great representation of successfully using only body acting as it means the humour is completely visual as opposed to verbal which is what many comedians use to make us laugh. Perhaps the reason it is so comical is because it is so over animated and highlights the importance of timing in order for things to be perceived a different way. For example, if he were to wait 2 seconds before or after producing a facial expression, it would not be nearly as effective.

Another actor who often manages to achieve a comical effect using body language is Jim Carrey (1994), although he uses the aid of conversation in his films to add to the effect. One particular film where you can see this is ‘Mask’ where extreme facial expressions and over exaggerated movements create a humorous effect.


Mr.Bean – Art Class:

Jim Carrey – Dance Scene:


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Taken on December 7, 2012