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Day 30 - I'm kind of hot.

No lyrics today. I don't feel like spending an hour picking one out. Besides I think this picture can stand on it's own.


I went and picked up my T70 from the camera shop today! I'm so happy. I carried it around with me everywhere today.


It was SO cold outside and my back was hurty and I just wasn't feeling good enough to go out to my apartment to shoot this do I did it in the house in my bathroom. It would have come out better if I'd set up the apartment but I did what I could. I went to the dollar store to look for things I could use as backdrop material. I got a white vinyl table cloth and 6 rolls of wrapping paper - 2 white, 2 blue and 2 red. Only when I got home and unraveled the paper it was glossy. On both sides. GAH! Which means I can't use any of it. All that paper could have gotten me a pack and a half of cigarettes. The shower curtain worked okay, that's the backdrop in the picture, only it was all wrinkly and (good luck trying to iron a vinyl shower curtain) so I just dodged it out in photoshop.


I was feeling rather brave today. I'm kind of proud of myself and of this picture. It's not perfect. But I think it's really good.


And while I was editing it in PS I thought "Hey. I'm kinda hot."


And god dammit. I AM!


Especially because I don't even need a bra to get awesome cleavage.

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Taken on January 4, 2007