"Night Vision" book!
My new book Night Vision is now shipping.

Buy it from Amazon.

Published and distributed by Chronicle Books, the 10x9 softcover book is 144 pages long, containing 115 excellent reproductions of my night images. Rounding out the project are essays on the derelict Byron Hot Springs Hotel, the abandoned desert roadside, decommissioned military installations , the abandoned Southern Pacific Train Station in downtown Oakland, CA, Aviation Warehouse, an aircraft boneyard in the high desert of Southern California, and a longer piece on the the history and philosophical mind-set of UE, and the strange attraction of creeping through abandoned military-industrial complexes in the middle of the night.

Architecture critic and futurist Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG. composed a thought provoking and flattering forward.

These are 50 of the 115 images in the book. It's an elegantly laid out and beautifully printed piece, a tremendous leap in quality from my first book. You will not be disappointed.

The description from the Chronicle Books website:
"A booming subculture is on the rise: dubbed Urban Exploration, it involves sneaking into abandoned or off-limits factories, aviation "boneyards," decommissioned bases, and other derelict features of the military/industrial landscape. Troy Paiva is a foremost photographer of the UrbEx (as it's known to its devotees) phenomenon, and his distinctive blend of atmospheric night photos and lighting effects are the visual hallmarks of a scene that has drawn the increasing attention of the media and the public—as seen in recent programs on both the Discovery Channel ("Urban Explorers") and MTV ("Fear"). Illuminated by histories of the sites documented, Night Vision reveals the remarkable discoveries of a new generation of explorers."
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