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Empowerment - Lincoln's paean to people power | by judge_mental
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Empowerment - Lincoln's paean to people power



Yes, this city centre sculpture in Lincoln, England, is called "Empowerment", which is something to do with listening to people.


Interestingly, if the people behind this erection had done anything of the sort, the item would not be there, as the rufty-tufty fluoridated folk of Lincoln have no time for namby pamby artworks, which is why in the event this semi-industrial style proved least offensive to the Powers That Be.


The Powers That Be chose from four possible sculptures, and according to a leading member of the committee, this was the least worst.


As to the subject of empowerment, well it was just the usual New Labour flim-flam. To the best of my knowledge "Empowerment", chosen for the plebs by their betters in the traditional Lincoln way, has never empowered anyone.


This composition is the exception, drawing attention as it does to the mysterious refusal of Lincoln MP Gillian Merron to eat one milligram of fluoride (in a tablet form) even though I told her to.


My face-to-face demand that she consume the same amount of fluoride which you would find in one litre of fluoridated water proved to be such a horrifying dose of reality for our girl in (unfluoridated) Westminster that I subsequently received a strange visit from a police inspector.


He received a quick education about how to separate uranium isotopes. Along with no reassurance whatsoever that I wouldn't try to correct the "fluoride deficiency" in our MP again.


Perhaps I might slip one in her champagne some time.





Water authorities have always insisted on legal indemnity against claims for fluoride poisoning.


Following recent legislation they are additionally indemnified against non-payment by customers who feel the same way about fluoride as Gillian Merron MP.


So how has the situation changed for people like Gillian?


Before, water companies knew dumping fluoride in people was wrong, didn't care, blamed the health authority for requesting them to do it, and wanted you to pay them for doing it.


Now, water companies don't care if you don't pay either, because the health authority should pay any amount you deduct from your bill for bottled water, or distillation to remove the fertiliser factory waste disposal problem that the BBC always forget to mention in their insightful health documentaries.


Remember, we are all empowered by our democratic representation in Parliament.


By refusing to let me administer her the vital nutrient, Gillian found herself accidentally behaving like a real human being instead of a party robot.


In that brief existential moment, she came closer to representing her constituents than at any other time in her otherwise completely phoney career.


So if, for some peculiar reason, it is demanded of you to explain why you don't want to buy any fluoride, thanks to Empowerment you can just say "The same as Gillian Merron's reason." and leave it at that.


Now she is de-lected that position cannot change. I hope to check her successor as MP for Lincoln Karl McCartney shares her strong feelings about individual liberty.





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Taken on November 8, 2005