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St. Andrew's Cathedral | by Lynn Morag
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St. Andrew's Cathedral

A piece of a Churchyard fitts every body.


~ George Herbert 1593-1633 ~


The Church-floore


MARK you the floore? that square & speckled stone,

Which looks so firm and strong,

Is Patience:

And th' other black and grave, wherewith each one

Is checker'd all along,


The gentle rising, which on either hand

Leads to the Quire above,

Is Confidence:

But the sweet cement, which in one sure band

Ties the whole frame, is Love

And Charitie.

Hither sometimes Sinne steals, and stains

The marbles neat and curious veins:

But all is cleansed when the marble weeps.

Sometimes Death, puffing at the doore,

Blows all the dust about the floore:

But while he thinks to spoil the room, he sweeps.

Blest be the Architect, whose art

Could build so strong in a weak heart.


~ George Herbert, 1593-1633 ~


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A brief history of St Andrews, Scotland and it's cathedral. From the website:


"It is believed that the first people to inhabit the area of Scotland around St Andrews came some 8,000 years ago. They probably travelled overland from the south and across the North Sea following up the coast in log boats. They were hunter gatherers who existed on the flora and fauna of the area - deer, wild cattle, birds, fish, shellfish, nuts, berries roots and leaves. There are many very ancient archaeological sites near St Andrews from the Bronze Age and earlier that attest to an early settlement of the area."


~ Raymond Lamont-Brown and Frank G. Riddell ~


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Uploaded on August 23, 2004