Gocco Tutorial
I created this gocco tutorial as a way to explain to friends who have asked how it works. This is the uber-detailed version.

Please review the streamlined version on my blog, here: vanillabeanknits.blogspot.com/2008/04/streamlined-gocco-t...

It works best if you click on the top upper left hand image first. Then you can go through them one by one in order! All images are labeled with a number and brief description in title. A longer description will follow at the bottom of each photo.

It's pretty much step by step, possibly in excruciating detail! Once you have the gocco in your hand, it's pretty easy. But I figured I'd do a detailed tutorial for people who may need a little more. (As I needed for a short row knitting tutorial for toe-up socks!)

I'm no professional here, this is what I have learned and am sharing. Just putting my two cents out into the world in case it helps anyone.

Any further questions, feel free to contact me. Oh yeah, and my gocco is a PG5 purhased from Paper-Source and named Mr. Roboto.

He likes sunsets, but dislikes long walks on the beach, as he gets sand in his hinges ;)
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