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Lunar Lot - Legal Description | by MarkGregory007
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Lunar Lot - Legal Description



Want To Become A Lunatic?

Buying A Slice Of Lunar Real Estate Will Qualify You!


By Mark Mathosian





If someone offered you a slice of the moon as a real estate investment would you buy? If you said yes, you are not alone.


Over two million people have staked their claim on a chunk of lunar property. Today, moon lots and other solar system properties are routinely sold over the Internet. You may be wondering if this is for real. You be the judge.


Back in 1980 Dennis Hope was out of work and broke. He thought to himself, “if only I owned some real estate.” He figured that if he owned land he could go to the bank and mortgage it. That would give him cash flow. Just then he peered up at the moon from his car window and thought, “Now there’s a lot of property!”


Hope remembered that in 1967 member countries of the United Nations ratified an international outer space treaty. The treaty addressed ownership and government exploitation of the moon and planets and states it is illegal for governments to own property in outer space.


Because the treaty did not address ownership of celestial bodies by individuals Hope believed he found a loophole. He drafted a “Declaration of Ownership” for the moon, the eight planets in our solar system and their moons and filed his notice in the local courthouse.


He also mailed notices to the United Nations, the U.S. government and the U.S.S.R. of his intent to plat, subdivide and sell property on the moon and planets. Hope never heard back from the governments or the U.N. so he proceeded with his plan.


In 1981 Hope started selling large tracts of land on the moon. Back then you could purchase a 1777.58 acre lunar tract for $10.00. In June of 1996, Hope established the “Lunar Embassy” and began selling moon lots over the Internet. Internet access caused sales to skyrocket.


Because of the high demand, Hope downsized the lots to 1 acre and listed them for $15.99 plus $1.16 lunar tax. The lunar tax is for processing the property claim. As of today 408.3 million moon acres have been sold to 2.2 million customers.


Hope says that some people purchase the property as a novelty, others as an investment. When you buy a lot you “own the property.” You have the legal right to sell, gift, lease or develop your land. Some owners of large tracts subdivide their property and sell individual lots on Ebay.


Who buys or owns lunar property? Romantics and visionaries from all walks of life including movie celebrities like Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek fame.


When you purchase a lot you receive a deed, lunar site map showing the approximate location of your property and other information about Hope and his offering. Your purchase is also recorded in a property database. If you sell or transfer your property you are requested to notify the Lunar Embassy so property records can be updated. You are also given a 30-day unconditional refund guarantee.


Hope was asked if he has ever been sued or challenged in court. He said no. However, a person claiming ownership of the sun threatened him with a lawsuit. The sun owner said Hope’s planets and moons were receiving energy and light from the sun without paying.


The alleged sun owner demanded that the Lunar Embassy pay $30 million for the energy radiating the moon and planets. Caught off guard, Hope needed a day or two to respond. When he did, he informed the sun owner that he would not pay for the services. Hope suggested that the sun owner turn off the light and heat!


Today, lunar lot sales remain brisk. Hope has expanded his operation internationally by authorizing Lunar “Ambassadors” to sell lots. With millions of landowners, Hope believes it is time to create a lunar government to protect the rights of property owners. A new lunar constitution is in the works. When completed the constitution will be posted on the Internet so lunar property owners can ratify it. Hope says he will then make application to establish the first “off world government.”


Some people strongly believe that Hope cannot sell the moon or other space properties. Several websites list opposing views. For example, an opposing commentary “Lunar Real Estate Buyer, Beware” can be found at at


Personally, I find it all rather amusing and worth the price of the lot. Who knows, if prices go up, and Lunar property becomes scarce, I'll list mine on eBay.



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Uploaded on January 9, 2012