GW Bush Gallery
Ever since our buddy Georgie Bush announced his candidacy for U.S. President in June of 1999, Sticker Guy! has been kept *extremely* busy with orders from all of his adoring fans and supporters. With just a few keystrokes, we found enough Bush-inspired sticker designs in our archives to create this gallery.

Just for you Mr. Bush! Thanks for nearly ten years of good laughs -- now go, uh, "enjoy" yourself. The party is over; it's time for us to take an aspirin and clean up the mess. We're afraid our new President Obama won't inspire as many voices as you have. Here's to Hope, and to hoping that our customers will continue to find something that inspires them as much as you have. The reality is that in a diverse, democratic society, with a leader who can finish a sentence, there isn't as much to raise your voice about. Without you, Mr. Bush, we expect it to be a bit quiet for awhile here at Sticker Guy!

And then maybe, after a few years, once all of the pieces have been picked up, some of those customers you brought us will be back again. Without your inspiring words, all they may bring us is... art. But we'll never forget why they first came to us.
Thanks again, Mr. Bush.
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