official wedding photos. let me show you them.
What happens when two child-at-heart members of the videogame journalism industry get married?

The result? -- A wedding at the San Francisco Zoo with live animals with trainers, acoustic version of Portal's "Still Alive" during the ceremony, Rock Band, a photobooth, a Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" entrance, a nighttime carousel ride, Hungy Hungry Hippos centerpieces, a farewell/goodnight RickRoll, a giant lollipop bouquet, and a first dance to a song from Stubbs the Zombie ("Strangers in the Night" by Cake), and Fisher Price Zoo cake. We just wanted the guests to have fun. We also didn't want to spend a lot of money (average wedding in America costs $28,000- HOLY BALLS, WTF) so we had to be cut corners frequently but creatively. Hence, I made almost everything by hand and asked friends to help (thanks guys!). So the wedding wasn't the most extravagant event but it was personal and it reflected our personalities and our passion for games.

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