CMS at Point 5
CMS is one of the four Particle Physics experiments being built along the soon-to-start LHC accelerator at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.
The C stands for Compact (only 15 meters diameter as the main competitor (ATLAS) is 22m high) , M for muon (the heavy brother of the electron), and S for solenoid (just a cryptic way of saying a magnet made from an electric wire bobin). Each picture contains more detailed explanations.
Point 5 is one of the 8 access points to the 100m underground tunnel of the LHC. That's one of the four points where the two accelerated proton beams will collide. The
Understanding what comes out of the collision will teach us more about what we are made of (matter), how this all sticks together (forces) and some insight about the Universe as it was moments after the BigBang.
More pictures about the assembly of the inner part of the detector (particle tracker) can be found in the TIF and PIC albums.
More pictures of the LHC magnet testing hall can be found here.
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