Silent Trees
My intentions for this project are similar to my past projects: capturing a photo that gives off a simplistic and beautiful feel. I found that while I am shooting it is important for me to find an area that seems as if there is no one else around me or the subject matter I am working with. I believe that the silence that I sense while shooting can and should be noticeable in my photograph. This is the concept I followed for my final project. In this case I was in an area that seemed to have the absence of human life at that particular moment. This solitude offered me a chance to see the scene for what it really was, and for me that was an open field that showed very little green life. However, what life was there was found in some awkwardly grown trees that provided so much life through their distinct differences in growth. These strange shapes and growth patterns I saw in each independent tree provided me the simplistic beauty that I look for when I shoot.
Each photo seen in this project is intended to show the wild distortion of the trees in this open field. I could see that each tree was separated from the next by a significant amount of field space. I began this project by shooting some of the trees independently to show the strength of the trees that some other may not see. Eventually I tried to show the differences in each tree by allowing more than on tree in the photograph, offering the viewer a chance to see the unique qualities amongst them.
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