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Wall Of Utensils | by not martha
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Wall Of Utensils

Finding wall storage for a 25 inch length of wall was a challenge. Most kitchen shelf/hook combinations are 30 to 36 inches. Also, I wanted to avoid wire. I don't like the look of it, and I find that too many small things poke through or fall through. And I knew I wanted solid shelves to hold little things that needed a flat surface to perch on. I looked at a bunch of different storage systems and none of them did quite what I needed, so I put pieces together fron a few places.


The one thing I knew I wanted for sure was a way to store utensils - spatulas, spoons and kitchen scissors - right there for me to grab. The world is completely lacking in this ability. I didn't want to hang them from hooks suspended from bars, the fiddliness of this combined with the imagined sound of the S-hook always falling to the floor had me frustrated already. Besides, I would have needed more than 20 hooks. I considered using the Grundtal cutlery caddies from Ikea for this, but they are just too shallow to hold long-handled utensils, they would have just tipped and fallen out.


I decided I could attached a utensil canister to one of the Ikea Gruntal bars. At first I figured that a canister with holes in it - like this one - would be easy enough to attach using some flexible wire. But first I couldn't find the canister, and then I decided I really didn't love the way it looked. And then I found solid stainless canisters at Storables and declared that I would find a way to attach them. The lip at the top keeps them above the bar, I just needed a way to keep them snug to the bar and I'd be set.


I spent an embarrassing amount of time in the hardware store peering at the various plastic bits with holes and bolts. Finally I wandered into the aisle with chain and discovered thin wire cable and ferrules (little bits of metal that you thread the wire through, then clamp down to create a permanent hold). Please see the next picture to read how I attached the canisters.


The bars are Ikea Grundtal as are the two cutlery caddies, one of which holds napkins. The utensil canisters are from Storables, the small shelf is the stainless steel gallery ledge from Pottery Barn. I use it to hold kosher salt, sea salt, a pepper grinder and the kitchen timer.


I was hoping to find a little stainless steel shelf, but if I was unable to find one I was willing to go with a white picture ledge. You can find these everywhere and I think they would work really well for spices. I wonder if they are sturdy enough allow you to screw those little mug hooks into the bottom?


One note - I spent an obsessive amount of time comparing products from The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Storables. I consistently found the products at Storables to be the most pleasing and didn't end up buying from the other places. Unfortunately Storables doesn't sell online and they only have a few stores in the PNW.

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Taken on August 9, 2006