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This is the Luxury Elements sample perfume collection from Yosh. These are all oil based perfumes. I have little luck with perfumes in general, and the alcohol base usually leaves the back of my throat irritated. I first heard about Yosh in a Readymade magazine #19, where she shared a few recipes for perfume oils and bath products.


First I'm trying Omniscient. It starts off warm and spicy, but not overtly so. The lack of alcohol base is fantastic. It's changing into something warm and floral. I like it much better than most perfumes I try on. It dries to something floral and slightly powdery. While these are two things I usually do not like, this works really nicely. It's fading into a warm, not quite powdery scent. I still like it!


The Sottile was next - A nice tea rose and muguet, which I didn't know, but immediately realized, was Lily of the Valley. A surprisingly good mixture, with none of the old lady associations I was fearing. The two scents faded backwards and forwards. I put this on late at night, and in the morning it leaves a faint powdery smell which I do not love.


White Flowers - Upon applying it to my wrist it smells like a traditional perfume, one I associate with women of my mother's generation. But again here, lacking the alcohol base it is more appealing to me. It is a little soapy, which I like, but perhaps a little bit too floral for my tastes. It's description of a "classic floral" fits well, but it is cleaner than what one might conjure from that. It's fading into something that is much more green and fresh scented. I like this part of the scent's life a lot. Changed to warm and green-floral. Faded into something I can only think of as pretty and soft.


Ginger Ciao smelled, sadly, awful on me. I had been repurposing some bubble wrap from Xmas presents and as I was loading in and out of my car I thought perhaps the bubble wrap had been previously used to wrap some horrible scented candle. Turns out it was me.


U4eahh! initially smells wonderful. Fresh and fruity without the cloying sweetness of the various pink fragrances you can find in places like the Gap. (While I love pink grapefruit and citrus scents in generally, perfumes that use them are usually done too sweet for my taste.) This is somehow warm and fresh and not quite floral and not quite sweet all at the same time. I think I'm drawn to the cucumber note. (I love the way watery vegetables smell, cucumber and fresh celery are two of my favorite scents.) There is something in this that makes me think of the lotions from Crabtree&Evelyn I used to sniff as a pre-teen, when I was transitioning from the Anne of Green Gables phase to the Room With A View phase, I think it's the aloe vera. Later - the scent has faded but not lost any vibrancy. A few hours later it's barely lingering, but I didn't put much on.


Stargazer - Smells warm and ... warmly floral? The two listed ingredients are Kenya Lily and White Ginger. I like it. It's changed and is still warm, and a little dry (??). I don't like it as much anymore. Later, it's turned into something unpleasant on me. I don't think I can wear ginger scents, this makes me sad. For the record, Scott does like the way this smells on me.


At this point I've narrowed it down to four fragrances out of the six. I think some wrist-to-wrist showdown matches are called for. First up, Sottile vs. White Flowers.

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Taken on December 25, 2007