Kestner Homestead at Olympic National Park
Kestner Homestead is a 200-acre site in the southwest portion of Olympic National Park, near Lake Quinault. The site is significant for its association with the Homestead Act of 1862 as “the oldest surviving settler-built homestead still extant in the Quinault River Valley on the Olympic Peninsula within the Olympic National Park.”

Antone Kestner arrived in the Lake Quinault area in 1890 and began “proving up” his claim, which he submitted in 1891. Antone was respected as a skilled carpenter and his handiwork is apparent in the buildings he constructed. The buildings were organized in a cluster to meet utilitarian needs of operating a homestead without machinery or motorized vehicles.

One of the most critical aspects of homesteading on the Olympic Peninsula is the amount of time and effort devoted to clearing land for a successful operation. The extant clearings are especially critical to portray the historic character of the homestead.
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