Point Bonita Historic District at Golden Gate National Recreation Area
The Point Bonita Historic District is a ninety two acre historic site located on Point Bonita within the boundaries of Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Point Bonita, located on the southwest tip of the Marin Headlands, is a sharp and rocky promontory that projects out into the water of the Golden Gate, the entrance to San Francisco Bay.
Initially constructed on a barren ridge top in 1855, the Point Bonita Light Station consisted of the lighthouse and a Keeper’s dwelling. As the station grew and the U.S. Lighthouse Service gained
knowledge about the unique climatic conditions on the West Coast, the station stretched to the southern
most tip of the Point. This site was desirable because it provided the location for a new lighthouse and fogsignal building that could be seen and heard by ships navigating under the high canopy of fog seen along
the California coast and through the Golden Gate.
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