JTF South COVID-19 Support, Medgar Evers Vax Pod, Brooklyn, NY, August 20, 2021
New York State Military Forces on August 20, 2021, under Joint Task Force South, COVID-19 Mission Support, assigned to Medgar Evers vaccination pod carry out continued efforts to vaccinate as many residents as possible right within the community in Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY.

Pharmacy Team
Jenny Lau, Lead Pharmacist
Anne Yap, RN
Stephany Saint Hubert, RN

Marina Weinstein, Physician Assistant
Christine Allocco, RN
Francisco Medina, Senior Care

OIC Captain William Brown, Army
SSGT Eduardo Santiago, NY Guard
SGT Christopher Mercieca, Army
SGT Jessy Bitwa, Army
SGT Marvin Lau, Marine Corp
SPC Anthony Mei, Army
SPC Vemell Jones, Army
SPC Jonathan Rodriguez, Army
SPC Basirat Olabiyi, Army
PFC David Lopez, Army
PFC Al Dizdarevic, Army

PATIENTS Kevin Baynes, Brooklyn Resident
Rhonda Anderson (Wheelchair) Sons Jeremiah, 16 & Joshua, 10
Brian Layne w/ family Briyana Picott
Stephany Sica
Robert “Rock” Murray
Brianna Johnson, 15
David Johnson, Father
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