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of the mad spaces between | by Skott Яeader
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of the mad spaces between


Then suddenly the clouds thinned and the stars shone spectrally above. All below was still black, but those pallid beacons in the sky seemed alive with a meaning and directiveness they had never possessed elsewhere. It was not that the figures of the constellations were different, but that the same familiar shapes now revealed a significance they had formerly failed to make plain. Everything focussed toward the north; every curve and asterism of the glittering sky became part of a vast design whose function was to hurry first the eye and then the whole observer onward to some secret and terrible goal of convergence beyond the frozen waste that stretched endlessly ahead.


Howard Philips Lovecraft, "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath"


Vega, α Lyrae:

Distance: 7.8 parsecs (26 light years)

Surface temp: 10,000 degrees kelvin (Type A0V)

Diameter: 2,700,000 miles (Sun = 870,000 miles)

Mass: 3 Suns

Luminosity: 53 Suns

Magnitude: [Mv - Absolute] +0.5 [mv - Apparent/Visual] -0.3



CGE mounted Orion EON 80ED

Nikon D80@Prime focus

1 x 15" (unguided) @ ISO 800

Diffraction spikes were made using dental floss


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Uploaded on October 3, 2008