(not) SDCC 2007
Like always, I sorta wanted to check out Comicon this year, and I sorta didn't. If you're an active member of one fandom or another, you've got a burning urge to see movie trailers, or, y'know, you've got stuff to sell, it's a pretty awesome and overwhelming experience. But if I'm just trucking around the show floor towards no particular end, it's easy to find myself wondering why I'm there. But my friend Jesse's birthday falls conveniently close to Comicon weekend, so I came down for his birthday party and we spent part of Sunday at the con (really, I just wanted to buy some Girl Genius books and say hi to my friend Tammy, who had a booth). I still managed to buy a lot of stuff in a very short time, but I was too jaded to take too many pictures of the freaks on the show floor. Oh well!
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