The Ashmolean Museum
The Ashmolean Museum is Britain's oldest public museum has one of the finest collections of paintings and antiquities outside of London. Hand-held photography is permitted in many of its galleries, these photos are what I've come up with. This is entirely a collection of objects and paintings that somehow caught my attention, it is not intended to be systematic in any way although I have arranged the photos so as to make a pleasing slide-show. All were taken at a high ISO and are therefore not quite as sharp as I'd do if I had studio light conditions.

I hope this set gives people who do not have access to this wonderful museum a taste of some of its riches and its variety.

Ashmolean Official Web Site

I'll attempt to tag images bit by bit, I am human and therefore may make mistakes in attribution and sometimes find my notes illegible or non-existent! Forgive me, but do enjoy these pictures. Detailed sizes and historical information can be accessed through the official web site.

The museum has now re-opened and has expanded, I hope to cover some of the new aspects of the collection in this set.
Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Ashmolean is currently undergoing a £61 million redevelopment. Award-winning architect Rick Mather has designed a new building to replace all but the Grade I listed Cockerell building. His design will double the existing gallery space, allow environmental control, and create a dedicated Education Centre and conservation facilities.
The New Ashmolean
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