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R&R series - concept, photos and text (reviews) © 2008-2009 Karin Elizabeth.

Book covers in these photographs © by their respective designers.

I have contacted legal experts on this and have been assured I am not in violation of copyright by photographing book covers in my self-portraits because this concerns critical reviews of the books photographed and they are not the main feature of the photo. USA: fair use. Rest of the world: image quotation.


I do not pretend to be an authority on any of the books I've reviewed here. It's just my opinion so don't take it all too seriously :P

This is meant to inspire myself to read more in 2008 and to really consider what I think about every book more. So, I try to read at least one book every week and write some words, myself.

Feel free to flickrmail me reading recommendations :)

[NL] = Dutch
[FR] = French
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