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RIP Xbox 360 #3 | by Alan Rappa
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RIP Xbox 360 #3

Dear Microsoft,


This has got to be some kind of sick joke. Not once have I had a problem with any of my video game consoles, even dating back to my first Intellivision. I still have a working NES, Virtual Boy, Dreamcast, PS2 and original Xbox - yet tomorrow I am going to have to return to Best Buy to pick up my FOURTH Xbox 360.


In fact, at this point I don't believe I can find a single person on my friends list who has only had one Xbox 360. I love the console, I love the games, so please do not take this out of context when I say your hardware is a pile of shit. FOUR Microsoft, count em, FOUR Xbox 360s!?!?! What does that tell you?


The worst part is, my console has not red-ringed so if I did not have a replacement plan with Best Buy I would be shit out of luck. What happened this time was the 360 decided to no longer output video.


I tried changing cables, switching inputs and even trying a second TV - all to no avail. The unit powers on, the startup jingle plays but not a single display appears on screen.


I am at the point where I just throw my hands in the air and call bullshit on these shenanigans. If it wasn't for the quality of my friends list I would gladly switch to a PS3.


Seriously, what the fuck!??!






Xbox #1 5/27/06 - 11/13/06

Xbox #2 11/13/06 - 9/13/07

Xbox #3 9/13/07 - 4/25/08

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Taken on April 25, 2008