Jason Fakesphere v.2
I got tired of waiting around for the Gary Fong Lightsphere II to be 'in stock' at B&H, and I've heard bad stories about people waiting for weeks for delivery. So I decided to fashion my own from a togo container that I ate some delicious Udon noodles out of.

$8.95 for noodles.
1 hour of work.
Some electrical tape.
Total cost: No idea. But definitely less than the $50 retail cost of the Gary Fong version (which probably works infinitely better).

Edit: After having used the actual Gary Fong Lightsphere II (cloudy and clear), I have to say that there seems to be a bit more to the whole diffusion of light thing than sticking a piece of plastic cover over the flash head. Because as I expected, the LSII does work so much better than my copy, and is well worth the $50 (considering how many other options there are out there that cost more but are not as streamlined and easy to use as the LSII).
Way to go, Gary.
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