Bob Lucas Archive collection
The Robert James Lucas archive contains documents that illustrate the donor's life and career in cinema exhibition from the mid 1920s to the late 1980s and offer a highly detailed and personal insight into the activities of a chief technical officer of a premier cinema chain.

Robert Lucas commenced work as a lolly boy at the Haymarket theatre in the mid 1920s and was employed by MGM in the late 1920s. Robert remained an employee of MGM for 45 years until his retirement in 1973 as the chief technical officer.

The archive material includes high quality commercial photographic prints of now demolished cinema interiors such as 'The Regent' / 'Plaza Talkies' (Melbourne) and files that record the debate regarding the introduction of drive-in cinemas in Australia.

There are also documents that illuminate the donor's life long career and development in cinema exhibition. The period covered by the archive demonstrates the changing culture in the presentation, promotion and technology of theatrical exhibition - ranging from the richly illustrated and quirky 1930s Loew's theatre management training manual to prospectuses for new theatre multiplex developments of the 1980s.

The archive includes material that supports the objects acquired along with this archive - in particular documents detailing the standards of exhibition service delivery and maintenance of the same.

There are also industry journals and other documents and photographs that chart the donor's activities and associations within the cinema industry and records of when he was sent by MGM to the 1954 Academy Awards ceremony. The archive is rich in images, offers technical detail and throws into light a colourful life and career in cinema exhibition.
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