Looking Micro, Seeing Macro: Pressed Flower Art Exhibit
Exhibit Dates Oct. 9, 2021 – Jan. 3, 2022
Location: Princeton Public Library, NJ (2nd floor)

Either we are in such a rush, hurrying from one exigency to the next or we are out of the habit of really seeing what’s around us, that we rarely stop to look closely at the beauty in nature everywhere: the plant growing in the sidewalk crack, your neighbor’s flower box, the meadow you drive by, the tree down the block just beginning to flower. When we do slow down and observe, we see that each tiny bit of the natural world is interesting in its own way: complicated, gorgeous, perfect. What if we regularly looked at life in this fashion, would we understand the complex interconnectedness of everything, the patterns that make life beautiful? Would we treat the natural world differently, like a sibling rather than a resource to use and abuse? Would we understand ourselves more clearly and rethink our place in the universe?

Liz Cutler
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