JuiceBox iPod Touch and Camera Cases
Wow - I've gotten some great press about this project, and it keeps building. I've devised an environment friendly way to make cases for expensive electronics like your iPhone or camera!

If the pics look daunting - skip this page and visit artboxe.com which includes (gasp) the opportunity to buy one of your own without all effort. I'll make it for you by hand, and shipping from my lair in Canada is included in the pricing.


These disguise your gadget as something less expensive, and are funky, chic and sleek in their own right. For your iPod, digital camera or other gear.

Juice boxes are nasty environmentally 'cause they're hard (ie energy intensive) to recycle. BUT those properties make them good for rough wearing applications like these velvet lined cases for your camera or iPod!

If you have an hour to spare, and can sew a tiny bit, you can make one too.

Have problems, send me a note and I'll be glad to help you out.

Tips: Use spray glue. And sand down the waxy surfaces that need to be glued to ensure a good bond.

Background: What is a Juice box? madehow.com says:
"Juice boxes are typically made up of six layers of paper (24%), polyethylene (70%), and aluminum foil (6%). The paper provides stiffness and strength and gives the package its brick shape. Polyethylene serves two purposes. On the inner most layer, it forms the seal that makes the package liquid tight. On the exterior, it provides a protective coating that keeps the package dry and provides a printing surface for nutritional and marketing information. The aluminum foil forms a barrier against light and oxygen, eliminating the need for refrigeration or preservatives to prevent spoilage."

Sounds like some good protection there!

I've also added business card holders. I get great green-cred when I deploy a biz card from one of these!
They too are available for cheap on my artboxe.com site if you'd rather not start gluing and sewing your own.
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