How Do We Pronounce Design in Portuguese? 2000-2018
June 7- Aug 3

Within the context of a multi-year initiative with Portugal focused on the research and study of softwoods and cork and June’s Month of Portugal Celebrations 2018, RISD is partnering with MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion, Francisco Capelo Collection, and the Embassy of Portugal in the US to present this exhibition curated by Bárbara Coutinho. The exhibition—which originated at MUDE and traveled to Beijing, Madrid and Chaux-de-fonds—will explore what it means to be Portuguese in terms of contemporary material culture, the global market and the extent to which the development of national production is influenced by our cultural matrix. Focusing on cork, wood, glass, crystal, porcelain and textiles, the exhibition will be divided into three sections: Predominance of Form over Ornament, Practical Intelligence and Sensibility to Materials, and Between the Popular and the Erudite.

Designers participants: Alda Tomás, Alexandra Moura, Álvaro Siza Vieira, Ana Escobar, Ana Salazar, Bruno Serrão, Cristina Filipe, Daniela Pais, Daniela Palhares, David Marques, Eduardo Souto Moura, Eneida Tavares, Estúdio Pedrita, Fernando Brízio, Filipe Faísca, Francisco Providência, Gonçalo Campos, Gonçalo Prudêncio, Henrique Ralheta, Inês Nunes, Joana Cabrita Martins, Jorge Carreira, José Carvalho Araújo, Marco Sousa Santos, Mariana Costa e Silva, Miguel Vieira Baptista, Paulo Parra, Paulo Sellmayer, Pedro Silva Dias, Rui Grazina, Samuel Reis, Sandrine Vieira, Susana Soares, Toni Grilo, Vera Tavares, Vítor Agostinho, White Tent
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