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Playing with peoples minds is great! | by Rob Ellis'
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Playing with peoples minds is great!

How To Create Images Like This




I do love confusing people with photos, its fun xD




If anyones at all interested, heres my lovely image analysis for my A-levels, describing how I did it in detail and shizz




For this image, my main aim was to create the strongest lead through line effect as possible, something which Peter Keetman (the artist Im studying) continuously did throughout his images.


To make the image ‘my own’ I wanted to create a large sense of surrealism and almost disorientation.


To create this image, to start off with I set my lens to 18mm to exaggerate the perspective of the building as much as possible, helping make things in the distance look further away, and placing the end of the line of shops right in the middle of the image, helping out with the lead through line.


I also opted to use a very deep depth of field in order to not lose any detail in any of the shops.




Then in Photoshop:


Starting out with this


-Using a mixture of the tools in Camera RAW and gradient maps, I adjusted the colours to suit my preferences, upping the vibrancy and turning down the saturation helped bring out the greens in the image, I also upped the exposure and gave the blacks/contrast a boost.


-I also saw the image as too ‘cold,’ so I turned up the white balance, giving a much more warm feeling.


-To sharpen the image without creating colour artefacts, I changed the image mode to lab colour, as opposed to RBG, then turned off the A+B channels, and applied a small radius, large amount, unsharp mask.


-I then selectively dodged and burned areas of the image to bring out the details I wanted, and lose the ones I didn't.


-I then applied a very small noise reduction just to remove any unwanted grain.


-Using the patch, clone, heal and content aware fill tools I selectively removed every person out of the image as I saw them as unwanted distractions from the subject and patterns.


-To create the whole pattern itself, first I cropped the top and bottom third of the image off.


-I then selected the right half of the photograph, duplicated it into a new layer and flipped it horizontally and placed it at the left hand side and flattened the layers.


-Then I selected the top half of the image, duplicated it, flipped it vertically and placed it at the bottom of the image.


-To blend both the horizontal and vertical ‘reflections’ I used a mask and filled it with a short black to white gradient, fading the line between the layers.


-To finalise the image, creating as much disorientation as I could, I rotated it 90 degrees, making the sides of the building appear to be the path.


Personally I believe this photo tuned out exactly how I wanted it, it is full of patterns, has a multitude of lead in lines, and appears to very disorientating.

Taken in the Queens Arcade, Leeds.



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Taken on October 8, 2011