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Vatican: Sistine Chapel | by rosefirerising
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Vatican: Sistine Chapel

Vatican: Sistine Chapel:


This is a tool, but it's cool. :) And it is definitely a toy, albeit

of the highest caliber and sensitivities. It seemed a bit ironic to me

to find, today, during the breaking of all the gay sex scandals the

news media are connecting to the Vatican and Catholic Church, to find

that Vatican has released one of those stunning immersive panoramics

that I always love so much. Not just any small testbed item, either.

This one is (and I am whispering the rest of the sentence in an

appropriately hushed and awed voice) of the Sistine Chapel.


Yes, THE Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo! One of the greatest

historical and artistic treasures of the world (six images at the

bottom of the post). One of the least accessible for close viewing to

the general public because of the requirement for reduced lighting and

restrictions on photography. It is also, at least in parts, one of the

purest and most sacred testimonials to male-male love ever witnessed.


The immersive panoramic allows you to zoom in from a wide variety of

angles to very close viewing. As you open the link, you hear a boys

choir singing. You can read the text under the windows that are high

overhead. You can examine the construction of the pattern in the stone

floor, and the cracks in the set marble circles. The sun light glows

through the windows behind the lamps that are probably used in the

evenings. Of course, you can zoom in fairly close to the ceiling and

the paintings over the altar. While I suspect an affiliation or

advisory role of the group that has done the other paroramics I've

recommended, this one bears the copyright statement of the Musei

Vaticani. I half expected to see an imprimatur somewhere.

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Taken on March 25, 2010