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Why Me | by rosiehardy
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Why Me

Sometimes the scariest things aren't what you'd expect. For me, I am terrified of walking home alone at night incase I get raped or murdered, I am terrified of being in a plane crash, scared of walking on train tracks, moths (the devils creatures) and all sorts of typically scary stuff. But I think the scariest thing at the moment is that I am (once more) losing my hair. I found a bald patch again last night and just broke down. I do not know if I can handle it again. I'd forgotten how scary it is. The thought of losing my hair twice in 2 years is damn scary - I thought after it started growing back the first time that I would be ok, but I have been stressed lately and its taking it's toll. The patch isn't very big, but I know if I don't nip it in the bud, in 3months time I could have lost 2 thirds of my hair again. Which sucks.


Aaron has been amazing, so has my mum. I told him I didn't want him to have a bald girlfriend, he told me that I could buy a million wigs and have a million different hairstyles. My mum has rung up school, and I might be dropping philosophy because thats mainly what is stressing me.


So this photo is here because right now, I am damn scared. Hopefully if I sort stuff out now, no more will fall out. But if not and what happened before happens again, then I will just get through it and make something good come out of it. At least this time I have someone by my side who makes me feel beautiful no matter what.


This is my first ever self-done strobist shot, go me :D Used my new lights. Will take some getting used to, but it was damn fun :)


3 days until I go see Aaron!! Hooray!! :)


new updates on our blog :)

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Taken on October 14, 2008