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2006-11-30 Roy With Exploded View of New Tattoo | by royblumenthal
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2006-11-30 Roy With Exploded View of New Tattoo

Yup. That's me. With my brand new tattoo.


I'm into deep irony. Which is why the text reads, 'Right Arm. Property of Roy Blumenthal.'


However, most people don't really GET irony. It sorta slides over their heads. Which is why I didn't opt for the deepest irony of all... to have this tattoo upside down.


That's ULTRA-deep irony, cos it implies that the tattoo is for my benefit alone, so I can look down and know that it's my RIGHT arm, and to remind myself who I am.


But that's waaaaaay too subtle. Most people seeing that would go, 'Roy -- why's your tattoo on upside down?' And then I'd have to explain about deep irony and all that.


Now, they get the gag immediately. It's a sight gag, and it's an immediate laugh.


When I was showing the design to friends and strangers before I committed to it, I got this comment quite a few times: 'Roy, it's funny NOW. But will YOU still find it funny years from now?'


The short answer: 'Who knows?'


The long answer: 'Tattoos are forever. I've been ironic since birth. I think I'm optimistic that this one's a keeper.'


Oh... one thing... if you're thinking of asking... Yes. It is indeed on my right arm.


This painting was made in my bedroom, on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc, using ArtRage 2.2 painting software, with me wearing a deep red sarong and a t-shirt, listening to Paste Magazine samplers on my mp3-playing Nokia N91, with the scent of Zam-Buk antiseptic cream wafting off the tattoo, and a highveld thunderstorm smashing the sky outside. And yes. I'm still dating. And I remembered to eat tonight.

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Uploaded on November 30, 2006