Time-lapse photography project
None of my cameras would support "remote capture" via USB nor had a built-in "intervalometer", so I tried hacking something to get what I wanted.

I modified a Pentax Optio S to use an external power source, and added wiring which would allow remote triggering of photos.

The camera is triggered by a computer's parallel port and a reed relay. Some photos and video of the equipment used are shown in this set.

Once a day's worth of images have been captured (eg. 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM), a video is made from the resulting ~1700-image sequence.

Curious to try yourself?

My recommendation if you're thinking of trying this, is to first try plugging in your camera (USB) and setting it to "PTP" mode if available - then on Mac OS X anyway, see if in Automator you can choose the "take a picture" task.. You may be able to have OS X automate the photo taking for you, which is awesome. If your camera has a built-in time-lapse function, you're also good to go. Otherwise, read on.

Under the take photo "action", Automator should also show whether the camera supports image capture via PTP. Unfortunately neither of my cameras were said to support it, so I resorted to hardware hacking.
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