Robocoin Bitcoin ATM Debuts On Capitol Hill Washington, D.C.
What: Debut of Robocoin Bitcoin ATM on Capitol Hill
Where: Rayburn House Office Building Room 2103 Washington, D.C.
Date: Tuesday April 8, 2014 Time: 4-7pm
Robocoin Company Issued Invitaion:"You are cordially invited to a demonstration of Robocoin, the world’s first bitcoin kiosk for buying and selling the popular and controversial digital currency. Come see a Robocoin demo, hear a brief bitcoin talk from Congressman Jared Polis, try buying bitcoin yourself and ask your burning bitcoin questions. This will be fun, plus you’ll see how Robocoin is raising the bar on KYC / AML compliance in bitcoin. Welcome to the future of anti-fraud, anti-identify theft and anti-money laundering – this is customer protection built for the 21st century."
Remarks By:
Congressman Jared Polis(Colorado)
Jordan Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder, Robocoin
John Russell, Co-Founder, Robocoin
Jim Harper, Global Policy Counsel, The Bitcoin Foundation and Senior Fellow The Cato Institute
Other: Congresman Robert Goodlatte(Virginia) stopped by to listen to remarks, and review the Robocoin ATM
Robocoin ATM -
Congressman Jared Polis -
Congressman Robert Goodlatte -
Jim Harper - and
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