Four Eyed Monsters

An outstanding 'must see' promotional machinima introduced the premiere of Four Eyed Monsters in Second Life

January 9, 2007, independent film Four Eyed Monsters had its virtual world debut at the Sundance Channel screening room in Second Life.

From the film press release:

"Four Eyed Monsters is the product of Arin Crumley and Susan Buice, two 20-something Brooklynites who met online, digitally documented their relationship, and turned it into an art project that’s become a contemporary reassessment of love, relationships, and creative collaboration in the new media-age.

Opting for grassroots digital promotion, Arin and Susan have promised to screen the film in any US city with 150 requests, and they were visionary enough to add the virtual world of Second Life to their request map, where it is currently the sixth most requested "city" behind New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.

Arin and Susan will be present throughout the Second Life screening, first in live video to introduce the film, and then in avatar form to hang out with the audience and give a running director’s commentary about Four Eyed Monsters, answering questions and responding to opinions in realtime text chat.

It’s not too much to say that the Four Eyed Monsters premiere in Second Life will be a meditation on how we’re learning to live, love, and create things differently in a world where the web and its influence are felt everywhere, but not yet culturally digested."

The Sundance Channel screening room filled its 50 seats on a first come, first served basis. Four Eyed Monsters was also shown simultaneously at up to 20 other independently operated theaters and screening rooms in Second Life

The Electric Sheep Company, a provider of virtual world content and services constructed the Sundance Channel screening room and produced the Four Eyed Monsters virtual premiere.

About SL:

Second Life is a 3D online world whose content is entirely created by its users.

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Outstanding promotional machinima introducing the premiere or Four Eyed Monsters in Second Life

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"I went home to see a free screening of t I went home to see a free screening of the film Four Eyed Monsters on the net in the world of SecondLife. It was my 1st time in the SecondLife virtual world. It was kinda cool."

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Four Eyed Monsters: Second Life Pad
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"I ventured over to the Four Eyed Monsters pad in Second Life... Looking pretty good!"
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