SL Business Plan Contest
The Electric Sheep Company, a Metaverse virtual world development and event company, in conjunction with Edelman Worldwide, a global communications and public relations firm, teamed up to hold the first known business plan contest in the virtual world Second Life.

The event 'kicked off' November 17, 2006 at the Electric Sheep Company developed Edelman Island outdoor theater in Second Life. Using VoIP technology, speakers discussed how and why the competition came to be, and included T. Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company; Rick Murray, head of Edelman’s me2revolution practice; Susan Wu, venture capitalist with Charles River Ventures.

Event organizers stated they received and reviewed many quality prospective plans, making it a challenge to select only three winners.

On Monday, Feb 19, 2007 Hank Hoodoo, The Electric Sheep Company, and Mingus Goodfellow, Edelman Worldwide, presided over the awards ceremony, announcing the Second Life Business Plan Winners.

The Winners are:

Grand Prize Winner: Pebbles Hannya, Market Truths.
Prize: L$350,000; free access to a private Second Life island for six months.

First Runner Up: Anthony Reisman, Navillus Batra, Trilobye Pugilist, and Woodrow Seelowe: Metaverse Technology.
Prize Award: L$100,000

Second Runner Up: Muammer Ariel, SL Music Network.
Prize Award: L$100,000

Honorable Mention: Frank Koolhaas and Zoe Visconti, SL Search.

The photos contained here are from the February 19, 2007 awards ceremony, and the November 17, 2006 'kick off' event

CNET has put together an excellent detailed article, 'A Winning Business Plan For Second Life,' which may be reviewed at

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